Mental Health State Wide

Completed Suicides

Leading cause 

Survivors of Suicide 


a day and over 44,900 people dying annually.

Leaving thousands of families heartbroken.

of death for children aged 12-24 and the tenth leading cause for all age groups.

Jason Foundation


more likely to attempt suicide themselves,

continuing the cycle of rigid mental stigmatization.

University College London

Americans contemplated suicide within the past 12 months. 

(2013 national Survey)

Mental Health is an issue affecting all socio-economic groups. The fact is our current society; mental health is an issue not often talked about as it is taboo and is "less pressing" than other issues. However, every single person living in the USA knows at least one person who is suffering from a mental illness.

More people are increasingly becoming intimately affected by the loss of a loved one to suicide, and more people are being exposed to this epidemic without insight into how to help those left behind. We need to not only help families who have lost someone to suicide but also those who have had someone close to them attempt. 

Washington State


Teen deaths

 by completed suicides happen every week

With over 20% of 10th graders seriously thinking about attempting suicide it is a very prevalent issue in the minds of our young people. In just 2014, 1,111 people died by suicide in the state of Washington. With the state seeing more and more cases every year the problem seems to be getting worse continually.

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