Ambassadors Program

Join The Other Six Ambassadors Program for service, fun, and to help solve an issue in our back yard!

Students around the nation are at the forefront of the mental health 

epidemic. In the state of Washington, alone, we lose two teenagers every single week to suicide, not to count the countless adults and guardians lost along with them. We must be able to attack this mental health epidemic and protect our youth.

Suicide and mental health have become such a taboo subject that a majority of the time young adults/teens don't feel comfortable approaching their school counselors. We must create an environment susceptible to conversations around mental wellness and we must have teenagers leading that charge in our schools. 


Teenagers know teenagers in a way that many adults don't, and the boundless empathy present within so many teenagers is what will help us with ending this crisis.

Our ambassador's program offers a unique opportunity to delve into how to better support your peers. As an Other Six ambassador, you will receive extensive training in suicide prevention and suicide postvention. As well as other important skill to help those around you.


Being an ambassador is a significant time commitment, requiring around half an hour to an hour of work each week. All ambassadors receive at least 40 community service hours for each school year they participate.

About The Other Six

The Other Six is a nonprofit based out of Seattle, Washington. This official 501c3 nonprofit is run by medical/business professionals and teenagers. 

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