TOS Ambassadors Program Application

We are so excited that you are contemplating becoming a The Other Six Ambassador! We appreciate your commitment to your community and to the ever-present issue of mental health.  

Please note that the application is not supposed to be stressful! This application is just to get to know you better! All answers given are 100% confidential and will be kept confidential by our selection committee, but please also note that we don't want you to share anything you wouldn't be comfortable with sharing. Unfortunately, our system does not allow you to save work while doing your application, so we strongly suggest that you complete the application in word or google drive then copy/paste into the fields below.

Any further questions about roles, responsibilities, or the application please feel free to reach out to us at

TOS Ambassadors
Program Application
Have you had any previous suicide prevention training?

About The Other Six

The Other Six is a nonprofit based out of Seattle, Washington. This official 501c3 nonprofit is run by medical/business professionals and teenagers. 

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